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Hear smarter. Live better.

Oticon hearing instruments with BrainHearing™ technology are designed for your brain, supporting the hard work it does. BrainHearing™ helps you hear better, with less effort so you can participate more actively in life.

Hearing affects everything between your ears.

When the sound signals from your ears are compromised your brain has to work even harder to fill in the gaps. This extra effort can take its toll. In fact, studies have shown that, over time, hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression.

Give your brain exactly what it needs to hear

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint. And because no two people are quite like you, no one else's hearing profile is quite like yours.

Oticon Opn™: Proven to make it easier on the brain

Recent studies show that “following conversation in noisy situations” is the number one challenge for people with hearing loss*. Oticon Opn™ solves this problem by working in harmony with your brain to improve your ability to understand speech better, and focus on what’s important even in complex listening environments.

* First Time User Study, 2010

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