As Seen on Dr. Oz – Invisible Hearing Aid Comes to Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida

Many people tuned into Dr. Oz’s medical miracle when a woman suffering from genetically predisposed hearing loss was able to hear for the first time without a hearing aid, thanks to the ground-breaking “Lyric” by Phonak.

Sound Advice Hearing Solutions is now proud to offer this first-ever, 100% Invisible Hearing Aid to the Tampa and St. Petersburg area. Witness this astonishing breakthrough in hearing technology first-hand!

Lyric is the first-ever, extended wear, 100% invisible hearing aid available. The tiny device is comfortably placed inside the ear canal by one of our hearing specialists. The procedure takes just minutes and requires no general or local anesthesia. It is worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and up to 120 days at a time, with no daily insertion or removal needed.  That means you can carry on with your daily activities including sports, exercise, showering, and even swimming, worry-free.




100% Invisible

  • Because it is placed inside the ear canal, the Lyric Hearing Aid is 100% invisible.
  • It won’t even feel like you’re wearing a hearing aid, except for the fact that you’ll hear crystal-clear sound like never before!

Effortless Hearing, 24/7

  • Shower, eat, sleep, exercise, listening to your iPod, and talking on the phone. The possibilities are endless!
  • Extended batteries lasting on average of 120 days with battery replacements here in our St. Petersburg office – you’ll be in and out in 10 minutes!

Natural Placement, Natural Sound

  • Unlike other hearing aids, Lyric’s revolutionary design and unique placement allows for the highest quality, natural sound – it’s music to your ears!
  • Lyric’s unique design contours to fit your year, with soft material to provide maximum comfort, and the best-possible fit.
  • No need for multiple channels or settings – Lyric uses your outer ear to direct sounds, make it not only the highest-quality sound, but also the most natural hearing available! You still have the option to adjust sound and can turn your device on or off at any time.

What to Expect 


1. Initial Visit

First you’ll need to a hearing evaluation with one of our specialists to properly assess your hearing loss condition. A specialist will also check the size and shape of your ear canal, and determine if you meet the criteria for a Lyric hearing aid.

 2. Sizing and Fitting

If you are indeed a fit for Lyric hearing aids, you will then be sized and fitted at our office, and will receive custom programming specific to your hearing needs. During your fitting, it is important to ask questions about scheduling follow-up visits.

3. Follow-up Visits

You can wear Lyric hearing aids for up to 120 days at a time before you need to see us for a Lyric battery replacement. These follow-up appointments take just 10 minutes – your batteries are changed and you’re good to go! Individual replacement needs may vary.

Readabout Lyric® in the Wall Street Journal:
Unseen Hearing Aid Sounds Good to Some

An unusual new extended-wear hearing aid can be worn continuously for up to four months and replaced when its battery dies. The device—which is buried deep in the ear canal and is invisible—is low-maintenance and allows patients to enjoy life without daily reminders of their hearing loss.

To learn more about this exciting new product you may visit their website at

Read about the Lyric, featured in the New York Times


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